We are a creative studio passionate about telling stories. We believe that designing deliberately to match your values and bring you closer to your audience is a way of doing that.
We also believe in using our magical powers in alignment with our own values, so we are particularly keen on working with sustainable brands and projects that do good for our planet and its people.

Lenda Lenda is a word play on the portuguese words lenda (legend) and lengalenga (rhyme) and these words evoke all the timeless, cultural and imagination-fuelled aspects of what makes a great story. It's a bit whimsical, but that's cool!


If branding is not really what you need, don't worry! We do work on other creative endeavours we just don't talk about them as much.

Laura Pina, the designer behind the studio

Behind the Scenes.

My name is Laura Pina and I am the designer behind the studio. I was born by the sea near Porto and after working part-time as a graphic designer for 5 years I realised that having a soulless day job was scarier than creating my own business, so I officially established Lenda Lenda.

I try to live and design with purpose, which means that despite my chaotic desk I tend to keep things clean and minimal with enough room for the magic to shine through. 

It also means that I don't design for decoration. That's just boring. Design is a strategy and communication tool when wielded intentionally and as long as there are like-minded people and businesses with a mindful and positive impact we'll do our best to be their creative partner.

If that's you too, we'd be happy to hear about your project.